Toymaker & Son Children’s Book

In that dreamy space between waking and rising, one morning over forty years ago, an idea was born that would ricochet around the world. It emerged as an image of a cobbled street in an ancient town, where an ornate sign swayed gently outside a toy shop. It simply read, Toymaker & Son.

The compelling story of Toymaker & Son, now presented for the first time as a beautifully illustrated children’s book, will be a delightful treasure for both young and old. The first limited edition is now available for purchase, and is a perfect gift for family and friends.

Toymaker & Son originated as a theatrical production for middle school children in England. Written and choreographed by Colin Harbinson, its blend of storytelling, drama, mime, music, dance, and colorful costuming has moved audiences from suspense, to laughter, to tears.

Since the first public performance with an adult cast in Venice, Italy, Toymaker & Son has gone on to captivate the hearts of millions of people in prestigious theatres, village squares, and on city streets, in over 70 countries and on six continents.

This high-quality, hardcover children’s book, re-tells the original theatrical story in a way that stimulates the imagination, and touches the heart. Toymaker & Son presents a compelling story about the conflict between good and evil, love and hate, joy and sorrow—set within a world of toys. It begins with a powerful rebellion against Toymaker, and ends with a daring rescue plan, led by Toymaker’s son.

Each part of the book unfolds through poetic, rhyming language that captures the drama of the story, along with rich, multi-dimensional illustrations that combine color, light, and movement.

Toymaker & Son will be a beautiful keepsake for your library, sure to be read and enjoyed, again and again.

Hardcover Book with Matte Coated Art Paper – 36 pages
285mm X 210mm | 11.22″ X 8.27″ | Landscape

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This is the perfect book to share with with children and grandchildren. It is sure to delight.

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Feedback from Readers


"Amazing! It took me back to when I saw the play performed as a teenager. What a beautiful reminder, and drawing back in of those years."


Boldly Illustrated!

“Beautiful story, marvellously told, and boldly illustrated!”


Original and Creative...

“I loved it! Stunningly beautiful, original, and creative!”


I Cried...

“As soon as I saw the first image of Toymaker and his son, I cried! This is so beautiful!



“What a splendid publication: So well illustrated with poetic script as well.”



“As I read the book, memory after memory flooded over me. Thank you. I am filled with immense joy!”


Wonderful Keepsake!

"I thoroughly enjoyed the book – writing AND visuals. What a wonderful keepsake.”


Beautiful to Hold....

“This book is such a beautiful thing to hold and read through!



"What a stunning rendering of the story!"


Colin Harbinson, Author

Colin Harbinson was born in London, England, and currently resides with his wife, Maureen, in Ontario, Canada. His work as an educator, writer, choreographer, and producer has won awards and international recognition. When Colin and Bryan worked together in Canada a number of years ago, they discussed the dream of co-creating an illustrated children’s book, based on the story of Colin’s dance-theatre production, Toymaker and Son. The first special edition is now being released, and as Colin shares, “It’s truly a dream come true.”

Bryan Pollard, Illustrator

Bryan Pollard was born in England and currently resides in Tauranga, New Zealand, with his wife Sue, who was born in that beautiful place.

He worked as a children’s book illustrator for Shortland, Wendy Pye, Exceptional Books (NZ), Emerald Books, and YWAM Publishing.

Together with Colin, Bryan is self-publishing the Toymaker and Son story that he saw at its first public performance in Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy. He loved it. Creating this book has given him great joy.

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For the book price plus S & H, please go to the appropriate store below
(Currently shipping in the USA & Canada.)


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