About the Merchant / Publisher

About Us, Toymaker & Son, and this First Edition of the Toymaker & Son Children’s Book

This book was developed by author Colin Harbinson and Illustrator Bryan Pollard, under the name Original3 Self Publishers. It is marketed and sold in North America by Toymaker & Son, which will be indicated on your credit card statement.

For U.S. distribution we have partnered with BT Johnson Publishing in Battle Ground, Washington, who handles fulfillment, shipping, and customer service. Canadian distribution and customer service is handled directly by the Toymaker & Son Canadian Centre.

Since this limited edition was launched in September, 2021, we have successfully processed and shipped many orders across the U.S.A. and Canada. Should you wish to contact either fulfillment center, please reach out to us at the numbers below:

Toymaker & Son / Canadian Fulfillment Centre – 1-519-802-3224

BT Johnson Publishing / U.S.A. Fulfillment Center– 1-866-260-9563